Hi, I'm Pavel

Enviro-tech design enterpreneur

about me

This is me

Born in a village in Czech Republic.

I believe in making small steps towards the bright and clean future. Said that I support the smart environmental initiatives.

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I believe in making small steps towards the bright and clean future. Said that I support the smart environmental initiatives.


Free market

Thankfully born in Europe we all have choices. I love to explore choices build and launch products.



Ayn Rand,Milan Kundera, Nasim Nicholas Taleb






Cutting edge frontend builder that creates high scalable websites and web apps using Webflow platform.


Live Events

WebRTC servers or clusters with 1s latency based on docker. Chat, login, payment integrations.


Connecting Apps

Memberstack, Airtable, MongoDB, Integromat and Zapier. Do you need a custom API solution? No problem.


Custom Web App

From complex online store to live event. Webflow with Node.js and RestAPI is powerfull combination.

Success projects

Karpi Studio

Web design studio for Enviro-tech startups.



For this micronation, I created a crypto-economy; and IT infrastructure for onboarding new citizens, ID verification, background checks, ID cards and so on.

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What the people say

Milan Seman

Milan Seman

Senior Industry Officer, Organization for the prohibition of Chemical Weapons

“I have worked with Pavel on setting up the infrastructure systems for Liberland and I was consistently impressed by his drive for results, goal-oriented time management and work ethics. Pavel has come up with innovative solutions in chaotic project conditions and within a short time succeeded to lay a structure and achieve real baseline achievements....”

Gautier Lamothe

Gauthier Lamothe

Founder & CEO, Friendly Body

“Pavel is a very creative and versatile problem-solver, both as a CEO or as a teammate (I had the pleasure to see him in these two positions). His mindset is both ambitious and humble, and I believe it is one of the most important and hard to acquire qualities in this business.”

Jakub Lanc

Lecturer at Masaryk University, Researcher

"I consider Pavel to be a skilled product manager with, who's constantly expanding his knowledge of technological trends - especially related to Web 3.0, distributed ledger technologies and digital identity. Pavel has also architected and managed development of a complex decentralized digital identity solution, where Pavel's broad range of skills and vast professional network allowed for a steady and efficient progress, where others had previously struggled."